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Deep warmth

which also works

The medical effectiveness of Calopad has been clinically proven in numerous studies

Calopad is a registered class IIa medical device

Warmth has been a therapeutic healing method for centuries


"The warmth has been considered one of the best healing methods for tension and pain for centuries"

Mirko Cortese, naturopath specializing in  Complementary medicine and therapy

Medical benefit

  • Pain relief (connective tissue, muscles, joints)

  • Pain therapy

  • Reduction of muscle and tissue tension

  • Promotion of blood circulation and (local) metabolism

  • Promotion and acceleration of healing processes

  • Promotion of mobility through modified viscoelastic properties of the heated tissue (e.g. reduced viscosity; reduced joint stiffness; increased tissue elasticity)

Medical benefit

Suitable for people with ...

  • Chronic pain

  • Muscle pain / muscle tension

  • Back pain  /  Back tension

  • Neck pain  / Neck tension

  • Shoulder pain  / Shoulder tension

  • Lumbago

  • Herniated disc / herniated disc

  • Sciatica / osteoarthritis

  • Cervical spine syndrome

  • and much more

Suitable for people with ...

Calopad - With high-tech against tension and pain in the back and neck area

Calopad  is a high-tech device for individual heat therapy. It relieves muscle and joint pain caused by chronic muscle tension, osteoarthritis, overexertion, strains or sprains.  The Calopad delivers deep therapeutic warmth to loosen tense muscles and promote blood flow to the pain area.  


With the help of different forms of therapy, different effects in the area of muscle relaxation and pain relief can be achieved. 

Warmth as a proven healing method

The transmission of pain impulses to our brain allows us to perceive pain. Known painkillers only suppress these impulses and do not effectively remedy them. With the supply of heat, the blood circulation in the tissue and muscles is stimulated, blockages are released and the body can relax. Optimal use is achieved with a constant temperature of 42 ° C. This happens regardless of whether the heat is applied to the whole body or only to certain parts of the body

Why exactly  42 ° C?

The temperature of 42 ° C generates the necessary therapeutic deep heat, which is necessary for optimal healing.

Medical benefit

Calopad has been developed to combat tension and pain in the back and neck area in a medically sustainable manner.

Efficient & effective

Thanks to the precise and rapid heat, excellent healing results can be achieved in a short time.

Effect of heat on the body

  • Reduction of muscle tension / relaxation of the muscles

  • Reduction in stiffness / increase in mobility

  • Increase in metabolism / intensification of biochemical processes

  • Vascular dilatation, which promotes blood circulation

  • Lymph activity is promoted

  • Self-healing powers are activated

  • Muscle fibers relax and become more elastic

  • Pain relief

Warmth in combination with trigger points

The trigger point treatment has been indispensable for the therapy of muscle tension since the 1950s. In combination with heat therapy, these muscle regions can be supplied with blood in a more targeted manner, regenerated, relaxed and detoxified.

Headaches, migraines, neck pain, neck tension, shoulder and elbow pain,  Numbness of arms and  Hands,  Cervical spine syndrome,


General  Tension,  Back pain, back tension, chest and  Lumbar region,  Ischalgia,  Lumbar vertebrae, shoulder pain, herniated disc,


Disc problems, lumbago, osteoarthritis, SI joint blockages, groin pain, knee problems, heavy legs, and much more


Calopad is an approved and certified medical device of class IIa. The certificates prove that all Calopad functions and processes are in accordance with ISO13485 and the European  Medical guidelines have been certified.


It is important that you read all warnings and safety information in this manual as they will help keep you safe, prevent injury and prevent damage to the equipment.

Do not use this device...

  • if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, other implanted metals or electronic devices (check with doctor first as it is possible in some cases eg non-magnetic metal implants).

  • combined with another electronic device or with a life-sustaining medical electronic device such as an artificial heart or respirator.

  • in the hospital/clinic in the presence of or when electronic monitoring devices (e.g. heart monitors, ECG alarms) are attached to the body.


No use for:

  • Persons with limited cold or heat sensory function

  • Persons in a reduced state of consciousness

  • People who are unable to operate the device themselves

  • Children under 12 years old

  • People prone to internal bleeding, eg after an injury or fracture (thinning of the blood).




Caution: When should Calopad not be used?

  • Wann soll ich Wärme anwenden?
    Die Wärme hilft bestens gegen Muskelschmerzen, Verspannungen und/oder Gelenkschmerzen. Aber auch bei Kopfschmerzen und Unterleibsbeschwerden kann Wärme optimal sein.
  • Warum nicht Kälte anwenden?
    Die Kälte wird meistens in einer akuten Verletzungsphase verwendet. Bei chronischen Schmerzen und Verspannugen gilt die Wärme als erste Wahl.
  • Wo soll ich das Calopad genau platzieren?
    Das Calopad kann grundsätzlich überall da platziert werden, wo die Schmerzen und Verspannungen vorkommen. Unter diesem Link wird die richtige Triggerpunkt-Anwendung genauer erläutert. Die bald erhältliche App bietet Ihnen ausserdem eine personalisierte Vorgabe, wie das Calopad in Bezug auf Ihre Schmerzen und Verspannungen eingesetzt werden sollte.
  • Wie lange muss die Anwendung erfolgen
    Wir empfehlen Ihnen Calopad nur maximal 2 Stunden (ohne Unterbruch) zu verwenden, damit sich die Muskegefässe wieder optimal ausweiten und zusammenziehen können.
  • Ich spüre keine Verbesserung, wie soll ich vorgehen?"
    Überprüfen Sie nochmals die schmerzende Stelle und platzieren Sie Calopad neu. Wenn die Therapie keine Wirkung zeigt, konsultieren Sie bitte einen Arzt oder fragen sie im Community-Bereich unsere Experten nach Rat.
  • Kann ich Calopad auch falsch anwenden?
    Nein, wenn Sie die Instruktionen in der Gebrauchsanweisung richtig befolgen, können Sie Calopad nicht falsch anwenden.
Dr. Heiko Visarius

Medtech expert

"Calopad offers a breakthrough in heat therapy that provides patients with an immediate effect compared to existing solutions."
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