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Fight back pain with the help of personalized 

Physio and heat therapy exercises

Calio - your digital physiotherapist for home 

Do you prefer back therapy that makes rapid progress and is not tied to fixed dates and locations? Then the Calopad app is your world! The Calopad app was specially developed for patients who want to train their pain regions with individual back exercises in a targeted, flexible and sustainable manner.


Thanks to the motivating, personal, digital coach Calio, improvements can be felt immediately after the first training session.  Calio helps you to actively, passively and long-term combat pain and tension in the back and neck area through targeted heat and physiotherapy exercises. The best thing about it: You can complete the training sessions you have put together specifically for you, regardless of time and location. Calio supports you with a clear course of therapy and strengthens your self-discipline thanks to daily reminders. 

Calio and you - the unbeatable  Training team  for long-term back success

Back training independent of time and place

individual exercises based on the pain diary

Current training status and progress clearly at a glance

Rapid progress noticeable thanks to combined heat therapy

This is how the Calopad physiotherapy app works

Personalized therapies tailored to your  Needs are tailored

Over 100+ professional therapy exercises with step-by-step instructions

The digital therapist gives helpful tips and reminds you of the daily exercises

So that you  achieve even better and more constant healing effects, suggests you  virtual therapist based on your individual  Pain diary  personalized exercise packages. The more disciplined you perform the suggested exercises, the more intense the effect. That is why you will be reminded every day with the help of a notification in the app. With discipline, you can see significant progress in a very short time.

I have severe back pain, but I don't have time  regularly  

To attend physio appointments

Because of my lack of self-discipline I am not making long-term progress in physiotherapy.

Physio exercises that are not ongoing to mine  targeting individual back problems are of no use to me.  

Those who are new to the Calopad app often complain about ...

Finally train flexibly, individually and in a disciplined manner  - with the Calopad app

Before you start, define  the affected pain regions in the pain diary and rate their intensity.  Based on this, the digital physiotherapist will put together the right exercises for you. After an exercise set, you will be asked to update the pain diary.  This health protocol, which is always up-to-date, makes specific statements about your individual neck and back problems  possible. It serves in turn  as a starting point for the virtual therapist, who suggests further exercises to relieve pain and tension.

Say goodbye to time-consuming appointments with the physiotherapist. With the Calopad app, you can bring your individual therapy environment directly to your home. Whether between two meetings, after work or as a motivating start to the day: Benefit from flexible training sessions whenever and wherever you want. You can access the digital coach Calio and its ready-made exercise sessions around the clock. Track your progress in real time and look forward to the first sense of achievement!

Rapid progress thanks to individual therapy exercises

Back pain and tension in just three steps  fight

Update the pain diary and continuously receive individual therapies

Define your pain areas and their pain intensity. Based on this information, we suggest you all the optimal therapies for the corresponding trigger points.

The digital therapist guides you through your individual exercises

Your personal digital physiotherapist Calio will help you keep track of your upcoming and completed sessions  and motivates you  make progress even faster.

Simply imitate the exercises with instructions

Perform the exercises with the help of the videos and the corresponding instructions  the end. As soon as you have finished with an exercise, the digital physiotherapist suggests new exercises - suitable for your pain regions.




Download it for free now
(Beta version)



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