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The smartest
Heat patch of the world

Targeted pain therapy and muscle regeneration
thanks to the therapeutic deep heat

Relieve long-term pain and relieve tension thanks to our innovative heat therapy

Calopad is the world's most intelligent deep heat plaster, which relieves acute and chronic pain in the long term, relieves tension and optimally regenerates muscles. In order to achieve the best possible effect, Calopad stimulates the painful area selectively. Through targeted heat therapy at the trigger points, muscle regions can be better supplied with blood, relaxed and detoxified.

The effectiveness of Calopad has been clinically proven and certified. 
(CE as a medical device, ISO13485).

Fast and long term pain relief

Very good skin tolerance

Simple and independent application


Calopad was one of only a few companies to be officially awarded the coveted Innosuisse Certificate by the Swiss Innovation Agency! With this, the Swiss Confederation has officially honored us as a professional and scalable medical company.


We were awarded!

Medical benefit

  • Pain relief (connective tissue, muscles, joints)

  • Pain therapy

  • Reduction of muscle and tissue tension

  • Promotion of blood circulation and (local) metabolism

  • Promotion and acceleration of healing processes

  • Promotion of mobility through modified viscoelastic properties of the heated tissue (e.g. reduced viscosity; reduced joint stiffness; increased tissue elasticity)

Medical benefit

Suitable for people with ...

  • Chronic pain

  • Muscle pain / muscle tension

  • Back pain  /  Back tension

  • Neck pain  / Neck tension

  • Shoulder pain  / Shoulder tension

  • Lumbago

  • Herniated disc / herniated disc

  • Sciatica / osteoarthritis

  • Cervical spine syndrome

  • Feelings of stress and anxiety

Suitable for people with ...

Pain relief

The heat patch warms up within seconds to a therapeutic deep heat, loosens the tense muscles and ensures better blood circulation.

Long term


Calopad not only helps with acute pain, but also contributes to long-term recovery after repeated use. Heat therapy is even more efficient in combination with individual physiotherapy exercises (free Calopad app)

Very good skin tolerance

Calopad does not use pepper extracts, activated charcoal and other irritating ingredients in the adhesive tapes. With Calopad, the deep heat is achieved through an efficient and unique heat technology. 

Declaration of an independent
Product tester

In which area can
Calopad help you?


pain relief therapy

With the therapeutic deep heat from Calopad, your pain will disappear quickly and over the long term.



Faster muscle regeneration after competitive sport thanks to the efficient deep heat from Calopad.

Works immediately and improves personal well-being

Back pain and neck tension simply

fight thanks to the latest technology

Easy to use

Calopad has an integrated display that shows the various therapy modes and other important application information. The desired form of therapy can be set using the button on the right-hand side.

Constant warmth

Within a few seconds, the Calopad heats up to the optimal therapy temperature of 42 ° C. The constant warmth relieves pain and fights tension deeply and sustainably. 

Pulsating warmth

The pulsating heat helps to optimally expand the blood vessels and specifically promote blood circulation.  The circulation is stimulated, the metabolism is activated and the pain is alleviated. This effective form of therapy is also known under the name "Kneipp".

Modular design

Thanks to the modular design, the thermal foils can be easily exchanged. The controller can be used for several years. In addition, the modular  Design unlimited possibilities for new and combinable forms of therapy in the future.


“With the Calopad warming plaster, I can finally treat my neck tension sustainably. I'm really looking forward to the Calopad Physio app, with which I can achieve an even greater effect. »

Barbara R. - Calopad owner

Order now and benefit

Rapid pain management and long-term recovery

Heat therapy can be used anywhere, anytime

Access to over 100+ personalized physiotherapy exercises (app)

Calopad starter set

Start the unique deep heat therapy today!

CHF 189



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Dr. Heiko Visarius

Medtech expert

"Calopad offers a breakthrough in heat therapy that provides patients with an immediate effect compared to existing solutions."
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